Vape Tactics

Preparing for Deployment

Code of Conduct

the best of the best

Our products contain only top quality USP Grade Vegetable Glycerin, USP Grade Propylene Glycol, and USP Grade Nicotine.

classified materials

There are just some things low ranking personnel do not have clearance to know; our proprietary methods are one of them.

in service dates

Our bottles are clearly labeled with the date they were placed into service to ensure you are getting America's freshest.

mandatory training

Our juice has a mandatory steeping time to certify every drop has recieved the necessary training to consistently fulfill the toughest vaping urges.

unit batch numbers

Just as with military personnel being armed with dog tags, each bottle contains a special unit batch number for quick identification.

no kids allowed

Extra precautions have been taken to ensure child safety on every bottle with our lab tested lock pin safety-closure and restricted flow pump.

The Juice

Taste tested

Aged to perfection



Certified Kosher

Lab Tested

vegetable glycerine 80%
propylene glycol 20%
nicotine 0mg to6mg
child resistant packaging 99%

Thicker base producing rich thick clouds with a smooth inhale.


Odorless base providing a stronger throat hit experience while not affecting the flavor of the juice.


USA premium quality nicotine that has been tactically sourced, naturally extracted and certified pure.


Child resistant packaging developed to ensure that children are unable to access bottle and dispenser contents.

Our Nicotine

tactically sourced

Tactically sourced from the finest tobacco plants and blended to perfection by expert tobacco growers to ensure a consistant balance.

naturally extracted

Using only a natural extraction and maceration process ensures a highly smooth, stable and naturally delicate flavored liquid tobacco.

certified pure

Every batch is individually tested and carries its own certificate of analysis exceeding USP standards for purity levels and quality.

TOBACCO 'to-bac-co':
- library of congress / yale global edu

A tropical plant of the nightshade family, widely cultivated for its leaves.

On October 15, 1492, Christopher Columbus was offered dried tobacco leaves as a gift from the Taino people during his exploration of the island of Cuba. Tobacco was grown and used for medicinal, religious and ceremonial purposes. Soon after, sailors brought tobacco seeds back to Europe and it is now grown worldwide.

Child Safety

We have made every effort to ensure that our dispenser meets or exceeds the required child safety packaging standards. We have developed a patent pending 2-part safety closure. This 2-part closure works as a double layer of protection to prevent the accidental access to the liquid contents even if the first part is left open.

Safety pin closure

While pulling a ring may appear to be a simple and obvious method to children, our safety pin closure will not open with that alone. The strength, dexterity and fine motor skills of an adult are required in order to latch and unlatch the pin before it can be pulled. This safety pin closure works similar to that of an infant cloth diaper safety pin that has been safely used for generations. Young children have not developed the necessary abilities to release the closure.

Restricted flow pump

If the safety pin closure is open, the child still has no immediate access to the liquid. We have incorporated a restricted flow pump that requires the ability to firmly and consistently press down on the pump to dispense the juice. Given the viscous nature of the liquid, upon applying full pressure the restricted flow pump will dispense less than .65ml of fluid. We all know nothing is 100% foolproof, however, we have worked diligently to keep those little ones safe from getting access to your juice.